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    Blog - February 2010


    Skipping and jump rope workout

    On 24/02/2010, In Cardiovascular Exercise

    Skipping or jump rope for 10 minutes burns as many calories as running at an eight-minute a mile speed. Jumping rope is probably the best piece of exercise equipment you can own.

    Jump ropes cost a


    Run For The Hills

    On 23/02/2010, In Cardiovascular Exercise

    Cardiovascular exercise is crucial if you want to become healthy and lean, but long duration cardio such as long-distance running or cycling increases the body's levels of hormones that burn muscle ti


    Which equipment to use

    On 22/02/2010, In Workout Tips

    If possible try and use barbells and dumbells as opposed to machine apparatus when carrying out resistance training. The barbell is the first choice, followed by the dumbbell, and all other equipment


    The Press Up Centurion Workout

    On 19/02/2010, In Workout Tips

    A press up is one of the best chest, shoulder, and arm-building exercises, if you can perform 100 reps in one go it says a lot about your strength and endurance. Below is the best plan to help you get

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