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    The fastest way to get stronger and bigger

    On 16/04/2010, In Workout Tips

    The formula is quite simple. Try to set a new personal best on each lift, each week. You should be aiming to complete more reps with the same weight or lift extra weight for the same number of reps un


    The Short and Sweet Workout

    On 03/03/2010, In Workout Tips

    Aim to complete between four and five lifting exercises in each workout. By performing shorter, less than 60 minute workouts, you can capitalize on hormonal rushes. When your exercise sessions are too


    Which equipment to use

    On 22/02/2010, In Workout Tips

    If possible try and use barbells and dumbells as opposed to machine apparatus when carrying out resistance training. The barbell is the first choice, followed by the dumbbell, and all other equipment


    The Press Up Centurion Workout

    On 19/02/2010, In Workout Tips

    A press up is one of the best chest, shoulder, and arm-building exercises, if you can perform 100 reps in one go it says a lot about your strength and endurance. Below is the best plan to help you get


    When weight training how many reps at what weight

    On 19/01/2009, In Workout Tips

    When the body is subjected to intense training it adapts to the type of training and stress applied to it. This is called the SAID principle which translates into Specific Adaptations to the Imposed D


    The 300 Workout

    On 15/01/2009, In Workout Tips

    This workout is designed to hit the muscles of the whole body in one workout.

    You should perform this workout in this order and should aim to have limited rest between sets as you will time yourse


    The Beach Body Workout

    On 08/11/2009, In Workout Tips

    The beach body workout routine is designed for those people who want to tone and condition the body with a workout that hits the whole body in an hour. This workout cou


    All About Ab Workouts

    On 07/11/2009, In Workout Tips

    Most of us want to have 6-pack abs. The misconception is that training abs will make them show. Your abs can be as well developed and as strong as possible but if you have a layer of fat or a belly th


    The Big Seven Exercises

    On 06/11/2009, In Workout Tips

    This set of exercises involve the whole body and work a large group of muscles in conjunction with each other. They help to balance all over body strength, so that chest will for instance be as stron


    How to find your ideal starting weight

    On 01/11/2009, In Workout Tips

    The weights indicated have been provided for guidance purposes only. When embarking on a strength training programme, it is important to find the correct weight to be

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