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    How To Avoid Burning Muscle When You Work Out

    On 13/01/2010, In Nutrition

    Muscle can be burned during exercise for a couple of reasons; firstly: calorie intake (Carbohydrate and Fat) and secondly: duration of activity. If the total amount of calories taken on-board is very


    Secrets to Permanent Weight Loss

    On 06/01/2010, In Nutrition

    How to be successful in losing weight and keeping it off

    At any one time, around 60 percent of people in the UK and America are actively attempting to lose weight. It is no surprise that a collect


    Eating to Gain Weight and achieve peak Athletic Performance

    On 05/01/2009, In Nutrition

    The eating plan below is specifically designed to help you reach your weight gain goals while achieving peak performance. Here's how the plan works:

    Your target daily calories are slightly higher t


    The fundamentals of nutrition for building strength

    On 05/11/2009, In Nutrition

    Building strength through a strength training program is possible only if you consume enough of the correct calories to repair and rebuild muscle tissue and to give energy for the workout itself.



    The fundamentals of nutrition for improving fitness

    On 04/11/2009, In Nutrition

    When embarking on a program to increase cardio-vascular fitness it is important to be aware of proper nutrition to help you reach your fitness gains.

    Extended periods of p


    The fundamentals of nutrition for healthy weight loss

    On 03/11/2009, In Nutrition

    The only way to lose weight is to expend more energy and calories than you consume. Therefore becoming more active by doing cardio-vascular exercise and by lifting weights will help. But the secret is


    The fundamentals of nutrition for healthy weight gain

    On 02/09/2009, In Nutrition

    For weight gain the most important thing to do is to up your daily calorie intake. A weight gain goal can be helped by partaking in a weight training program, this is because lifting weights and eatin

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